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training & Education Powered By Hip-Hop 

Notorious B.I.Z. delivers experiential business training and education solutions that help business leaders and entrepreneurs achieve their goals.

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WE Work With 

Corporations & Organizations

Our organzational training solutions are designed for organizations looking to cultivate  entrepreneurial mindset, innovation, and diversity within their teams and culture.  Grounded in hip-hop principles such as improvisation, individuality, performance, and creativity, our solutions provide a refreshingly unique approach to topics such as intrapreneurship,  innovation, leadership,  team-building,  communication, and DEI.    

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Colleges & Universities

Reinforce your business curriculum and programming by leveraging the power of hip-hop music! Our workshops and products make core business principles accessible, memorable, and actionable.


 Workshops are interactive and include topics such as management, leadership, business startup, entrepreneurial mindset, and opportunity recognition.

Entrepreneur Support Orgs

We work with organizations supporting startups and small businesses to deliver experiential hip-hop inspired workshops and training to help them achieve their business goals.   Workshops topics include business startup, branding &  marketing,  business strategy, leadership, and other core business topics.



Large Audience

Event Organizers 

A Keynote Concert embodies all of the elements of a fantastic keynote speech in music. Notorious B.I.Z. founder Jason William Johnson musical catalogue combines stories, lessons, and best practices to create an experience that will amplify the energy of your event!  Contact Notorious B.I.Z. if you are looking to create an entertaining yet educational experience for your event attendees. 

Song topics include innovation, D.E.I., BIPOC Business, entrepreneurial mindset, and leadership. Notorious B.I.Z. can incorporate songs from his existing catalog or create unique music that captures your event's unique theme and your organization's values. 

Keynote Concerts

Why Notorious B.I.Z.? 

Notorious B.I.Z. leverages doctoral-level expertise in Organizational Development and Business to deliver experiential, hip-hop-inspired solutions that are entertaining, interactive, and educational. Our team has expertise in change management, innovation and entrepreneurship program development, leadership development, and hip-hop performance, songwriting, and production.  Our offerings include executive team-building workshops. leadership workshops,  entrepreneurship training, music-based creative services, and speaking. 

Why Hip-Hop? 

•Hip-Hop/ Rap is the most consumed genre in US (Statistica, 2018). It is the most popular genre of music among millennials and post-millennials, the generations that constitute the majority of today's workforce (Pew Research)

•Hip-Hop based training methodologies have been shown to increase deeper understanding of content and can help learners retain critical skills (Adapong, 2017 & American Education Research Foundation)


•Hip-hop based training methodologies offer tools to engage in identity work and provides opportunities to address race, power, and whiteness  (Freas, 2021)

•Experiential training methods promote teamwork, accelerate learning, increase engagement levels, and influence feelings and emotions while enhancing knowledge and skills (Kent State, eLearning Industry,  Harvard Business Review)




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