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Students of entrepreneurship are experiential by nature.  Therefore, institutes of higher learning must identify creative, fun, engaging ways to reinforce classroom learning.   Our entrepreneur workshops and products are designed to facilitate a deep embodiment of entrepreneurial mindset and entrepreneurial skills through music, group activities, and participatory engagement.   



School Building

Dr. Michael H. Morris 

Professor of Social Innovation

Notre Dame University 

"I never realized what a rich subject entrepreneurship could be for rap---and I like how you capture the very tough aspects of being an entrepreneur while celebrating the independence, spirit and tenacity of the entrepreneur. Thank you Jason.

Product Offerings

Minimally Viable Playlist (MVP)
**Coming Soon**


The Minimally Viable Playlist (MVP) is a musical guide to launching a new venture. The album's songs cover the entire entrepreneurial process, including topics such as opportunity identification, MVP development, product-market fit, market segmentation, and fundraising.  The Minimally Viable Playlist is the perfect companion to your entrepreneurship curriculum and leverages catchy hooks and melodic beats to help your students to learn and retain key entrepreneurial concepts.  

Workshop Offerings 

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Inspired by Notorious B.I.Z.'s music video of the same name, 10 Launch Commandments combines music, interactive activities, and group discussion to provide attendees with a simple, memorable approach to launching new offerings.  10 Launch Commandments teaches learners skills such as opportunity identification and exploitation, MVP development,  operations,  brand management, and other key skills necessary for launching a new offering and pursuing new market opportunities.   10 Launch Commandments can be delivered as a 1-2 day BootCamp.  It can also be delivered as a two-hour workshop that gives attendees an overview of the 10 launch commandments.  Licensing for our 10-week program and curriculum will be coming soon.   


For the 1-2 day bootcamp participants will:

1)  Identify a customer problem to explore and develop plan to validate it.

2) Develop a testable business model

2) Participants will design an MVP that can then be developed and tested

3)Develop an ideal customer profile

4) Develop a customer relationships strategy that takes customers on the journey from awareness of your business to retention a customer.   
5) An operations plan to manage their business's key activities

For the two-hour workshop offering participants will:

Receive an actionable checklist of all the things they need to do to launch their new business.

#BOsslife: Leadership Edition


#Bosslife: Leadership Edition introduces business leaders to key management and leadership principles.

Participants will create and perform a song that describes their leadership style. Common themes will be mapped, and then participants will be introduced to the principles of transformational leadership and a framework for managing teams and individual team members.  


Participants will create a management and leadership action plan 

Innovation Freestyle


 In hip-hop, the essence of freestyling is improvisation.  When someone freestyles, they don't know what line will come next, and they have to stay in the present moment and let the next line emerge. They rely heavily on a diverse set of experiences and knowledge to craft clever lines.  However, sometimes, they have to unexpectedly switch up their ryhme scheme to keep their flow going.    Many business owners have had to "freestyle" during this pandemic in order to keep their doors open.  

The Innovation Freestyle workshop is designed to hone entrepreneurs' ability to rapidly develop new offerings while managing their fear of failure, imperfection, and ambiguity.   The workshop first has participants engage in a rap freestyle session and debriefing session where participants share their challenges and emotional experiences.    

Then, using lessons learned from the freestyling exercise, participants will create systems and processes that empower their organization 


1) Participants will develop business offerings that can then be tested in the market.

2)  Participants will acquire tools and skills to rapidly iterate without being constrained by fear or failure.  

Rock the Mic, Control the crowd 


A master emcee controls the crowd, and has its audience hanging on his or her every word.   They're able to earn the crowd's attention quickly and then leverage their unique presence and persona to take the audience on the emotional journey of their choosing.   Many qualities that make a great emcee can be applied to communication in any setting.  


In Rock the Mic Control the Crowd, business owners will learn core principles for becoming effective communicators and will use these learnings to create a pitch for their business. They'll learn 1) a winning framework for creating engaging pitches,  2)  how to create "hooks" that quickly earn an audience's attention, 3) and how to go from simply conveying information to using speaking to create an emotional experience for the audience.  Rock the Mic, Control the Crowd can be delivered in a 2-4 hour workshop. 


Participants will create a compelling pitch for their new offering.


Custom Training

Notorious B.I.Z. can work with your institution to create a custom workshop or program for your student entrepreneurs.  


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