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A Keynote Concert embodies all of the elements of a fantastic keynote speech in hip-hop music. Notorious B.I.Z. founder Jason William Johnson's musical catalog combines stories, lessons, and best practices to create an experience that will amplify the energy of your event!  Contact Notorious B.I.Z. if you are looking to create an entertaining yet educational experience for your event attendees. 

Song topics include innovation, startup, networking, D.E.I., BIPOC Business, entrepreneurial mindset, and leadership.


Notorious B.I.Z. can incorporate songs from his existing catalog or create unique music that captures your event's unique theme and your organization's values. 

catalog Sample

10 Launch Commandments
Topic: Startup 
In a remix of a classic by the late Notorious B.I.G.,  Notorious B.I.Z. shares his top 10 commandments for launching a new venture.  
Topic: Leadership 
In #Bosslife, Notorious B.I.Z. shares jewels of wisdom for new and experienced leaders over a smooth jazz soundtrack.  The song includes advice for dealing with uncertainty, emphasizes the importance of holding yourself accountable, and discusses the importance of organizational values.   
Diversity & Inclusion

Topic: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion addresses inequities in investment in BIPOC and women-owned businesses and the lack of representation of BIPOC professionals in leadership roles in corporations.  The beat features samples from Nina Simone's Young Gifted and Black,   

Topic: Startup 
Set to a dark, melodic soundtrack, Take-Off tackles the joys and pains of trying to scale a high-growth venture through the eyes of the founder.  The song discusses business development challenges, fundraising, and the emotional ups and downs of startup life.   
The Entrepreneur's Anthem
Topic: Entrepreneurial Mindset 
In Entrepreneur's Anthem, Notorious B.I.Z. speaks to the emotional challenges of running a business, the importance of the unwavering conference, and how entrepreneurs can use failure as feedback for growth.
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